The most clueless person in my life has noticed a change in me.. I’ve become worse.. His daughter killed herself yet he asks me if I’m okay.. Not really.. I’m hoping i’m dreaming and when I wake up she’s okay.. I think I’m having a mental breakdown..



                                        It’s only just a crush
                                               It’ll go away
                                      It’s just like all the others
                                               It’ll go away
                                Or maybe this is danger and you
                                              just don’t know
                                 Pray it all away but it continues 
                                                   to grow

Anonymous asked:

Im a friend, i promise. I just wish you could be happy. It hurts to see that you're not. You can't know who i am, though. Im shy. And i feel like you'll take this more thoughtfully if you didn't know who i am.

Anonymous stuff usually doesn’t feel heartwarming so I hope you can understand my hesitance..

Anonymous asked:

You are beautiful. You are beautiful. You are beautiful. Your weight does not define you. Tell yourself that. Right now. Say it again. And again. Over and over and over. Until one day, you'll finally believe it.

That doesn’t help.. And I don’t like the feeling of having people to tell me to tell myself that because that just means I’m a failure to myself.. I’m sorry but I don’t know who you are this could all be a joke this could not.. It could jut be a random person just trying to make someone happy and move on I don’t know anything is possible but in also very hesitant with people an I don’t know wether to believe or deny.. Sorry.. I’m a difficult person..